Friday, 17 June 2016

The Making of V for finurlig

Our next pattern here at Gacha Stitches is going to be some lovely wrist warmers. And while we are waiting for the pattern to be ready for publishing it (still needs some finishing touches), we thought we could share how we've been working on this one.

It all started with Vilje having an idea.

And after some experimenting she enthusiastically brought her yarn, hook and sketches to the library where Kio was working.

Vilje made herself a little working space at one of the library's tables, and she walked around crocheting while discussing the pattern and, as you do when in the library; books.
Kio were busy working, but now and then she could pop over to Vilje's table and look over what she'd done so far. It looked very promising.

We thought about naming the pattern something with library or literature after this...

Kio then went home to test crochet. Vilje went hunting for the perfect yarn.

Later we met up and discussed the border at the top of the wrist warmers. There are so many ways of doing this and Vilje had plenty ideas that all looked good.
We settled for one, but you can expect to see the alternatives later... ;)
Also we sketched and sketched to make sure everything would add up with the number of stitches.

Then there was the matter of different sizes. We wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy our pattern and so Kio tried making the wrist warmers both smaller and bigger. Luckily it works rather well.

At last all that remains is to finish up the final pattern, adding pictures and making sure it all adds up.
Have your hooks ready ;)