Tuesday, 5 July 2016

V for Finurlig Revealed

Our very first purchasable pattern is ready!
V for finurlig fingerless mittens, super wearable in this rainy summer.

These are the famous gloves we made at the library and have been bragged about for the past month, and now they're finally here, ready for you to enjoy them too.

We used the lovely cotton yarDrops You #6 and hook 3.5mm. We only used one ball of yarn for each pair of these, so here's your chance to use up some of those leftover skeins hidden in your stash.

Our friend, Filthy Smithereens is hand modelling for us. And quite by accident her nail polished matches the colour of our photoshoot wrist warmers.


Finurlig means quirky or clever in Norwegian, kind of like us and the way we use V-stitches to make this effect.

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