Sunday, 11 December 2016

Free Christmas Potholder Pattern

Christmas is fast approaching and maybe like us you have a long list of people to get gifts for or you just like to feel the Christmas spirit in all rooms and decorate like crazy (also like us). Anyway we have a Christmas tree potholder you can easily make in time for Christmas. We made the star in yellow, but you can make the potholder in a single colour. We recommend making the backside in an accenting colour so that the motif is seen.

As with Multe the rabbit potholder you start with making 50+3 as the starting chain.
1. Then start on the edge, that is the black part, the three chains counts as your first dc, then dc into all the remaining stitches. This should give you 50 dc stitches.
2. Chain three, turn, and dc into the next two stitches, *chain one and skip one stitch, dc into the next*, Repeat ** until you come to the first black squares (ten squares= 9 dc's and 10 chains), then make 7 dc's, this will make the trunk of your three, you then make another chain one, dc one, until there are three stitches left, chain one and skip one stitch, then dc into each stitch.
3. Now we are making the three, this pattern is the same from both sides so it is easy to follow, you don't have to remember what side you are on every time you turn. You start by making the frame, chain 3, make two dc's, then chain one, skip one stitch, dc again, chain, then you make 39 dc's, chain one, dc one, chain one, dc one and chain again. Now make the last three dc's that make the frame.
4. Turn and continue to follow the chart. 
After row 25 you cut the yarn and fasten off.

How to make the star in an other colour, we added the yellow in the last loop of the preceding stitch and let the green trail behind, don't forget the green stitch between the two yellow stitches in the first row of the star. Then we continued with the green and left the yellow until the second row, there we did the same and let the green trail behind. Because we are adding a backside to pur potholder it does not matter if the backside of the potholder looks a bit messy. Continue like this over all the rows of the star and make the last row in only green.


The backside is made in hdc stitches and made to fit the other side of the potholder, your stitches here will probably differ from mine and the first side since we are using a different stitch, so make sure you measure. When you have made it to fit, don't cut the yarn if you are using the same colour to crochet your potholder together. I crocheted mine together using sc all around the first and sc, chain, sc in the corners. When I had fastened it all together I made the loop by chaining 10 and fastening it to the corner and then I made 15 sc into the ring. Cut yarn and fasten off.