Friday, 28 October 2016

Halloween, trick or treat

Another Halloween post with another Halloween pattern, this one too for cross-stitching, the others can be viewed here; Halloween crochet pattern and Halloween cross-stitch sign pattern.

We are waiting anxiously for Halloween, it seems our party will be quite late this year, but as always we will have a small party with friends. Any excuse to get dressed up and have a ball. We have stocked up with treats for little ones who ring our doorbell too. Gacha Vilje had a bad dream the other day where her husband had accidentally eaten all the Halloween candy for the kids and Gacha Vilje was furious, they did have a whole drawer full of chocolate from when it was on sale and husband ate the Halloween candy! There were wrappers everywhere on the floor and husband was happily eating and hadn't noticed the candy was for Halloween! Luckily it was only a dream, but Gacha Vilje made sure to tell her husband that candy was not for adult eating, she thinks he gets it.

English version:
Trick or Treat 


Norwegian Version:
Knask eller Knep

Happy Halloween!

 Let us know what you are going as, we were thinking of having a pirate party since we have a cut out  cardboard (almost) life sized Jack Sparrow in our store room.

Link to pdf of Knask and Trick.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween Pumpkin Crochet Pattern for free

The Gacha-girls were busy thinking about what kind of Halloween patterns they wanted to do, and one of them suggested they make some cross-stitch patterns, so they did, but one pattern proved a bit difficult and they decided to leave it for another time. Then Gacha-Vilje thought, what if we just use the pumpkin part and make it into a crochet piece? She hurriedly found her stash and in that stash one lonely ball of orange yarn lay, so she picked it up and started to convert the cross-stitch pattern into a crochet pattern. 

When you do filet-crochet you can easily use pixelated pictures to make your crochet piece, like I did.
In filet crochet you make a mesh-like crochet piece with holes (usually one dc and one chain stitch  and skip one stitch or one dc and two chains and skip two stitches) and places which are filled with dc's. Using just those two stitches you can make a whole little picture. The black parts in the diagram are the parts that consists of dc-stitches and the white holes are the dc one, chain one and skip one stitch part where it looks like a mesh.

I did mine as a picture and hung it on the wall, but you can make a table runner or a curtain or door-sign, your imagination is the limit. The holes in the sides are perfect to pull a string through for an even more festive feel, I used some purple I had left from last Christmas.
You can also choose not to do the border part but then you have to calculate how many starting chains you need.
Gauge is not important in this pattern, use the hook specified on your chosen yarn and remember the size of the finished product will be smaller or larger depending on your yarn and your personal gauge.
I used Søstrene Grene's cotton yarn and hook 3. My finished piece measures 36x46 cm.

As a table cloth.

and I made a little bow at the end.

My finished version is a little bit different than the pattern because after I made mine I wanted the teeth to show more and the letters to slide a bit to the side. But you do as you please.
If I had more yarn I would have made both versions and made a long table runner, but I only had one ball of yarn and some leftovers, 66 grams of yarn in total and 36x46 cm.

I started with 83+3 chains to make my Pumpkin picture.
If you want to make it into a table runner simply print out this picture and start one on side and crochet back and forth until you reach the end, you can make the English or Norwegian version or both. 

English version.

Enjoy our free pattern.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Free Halloween Cross Stitch Chart

It is October even though gacha Vilje keeps thinking it is still September, and almost Halloween! We love Halloween here at GachaStitches and so we designed a little Halloween sampler for you to enjoy while you wait for Halloween to arrive. 
We are trying to design another little Halloween thing for you so that the wait will seem shorter. So please keep checking in.

The design is made for 14 count aida, 160 x 64 stitches and uses only 6 colours with both symbols and colour chart which makes it easy to substitute whatever colour you like...

Happy Halloween!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Making of Harens Saganatt

When we here at gacha-stitches finished the V for finurlig pattern and published the pattern we were suddenly hit by inspiration and started on our next pattern. A bunny-baby blanket, Harens saganatt was born. Haren is Norwegian for the hare and Saganatt means night of fables so the name will be the hare's night of fable which we think suits a baby blanket perfectly.
The blanket can be used for sleeping as well as playing so we thought night suited the sleeping part and fables for playing as well as sweet dreams. And hares just because half of gachastitches is bunny crazy.

There may be more saganatts patterns later, after all the other part of gachastitches is crazy about cats, dragons and other woodland creatures...

we had some yarn left from V for finurlig and started crocheting right away!

On the drawing board                                                           We made ten different hares so you can choose which hare to crochet

We digitalised the pattern into a chart 

and then we made the blanket in full and started on edges.

Harens saganatt coming soon!