Monday, 3 October 2016

Making of Harens Saganatt

When we here at gacha-stitches finished the V for finurlig pattern and published the pattern we were suddenly hit by inspiration and started on our next pattern. A bunny-baby blanket, Harens saganatt was born. Haren is Norwegian for the hare and Saganatt means night of fables so the name will be the hare's night of fable which we think suits a baby blanket perfectly.
The blanket can be used for sleeping as well as playing so we thought night suited the sleeping part and fables for playing as well as sweet dreams. And hares just because half of gachastitches is bunny crazy.

There may be more saganatts patterns later, after all the other part of gachastitches is crazy about cats, dragons and other woodland creatures...

we had some yarn left from V for finurlig and started crocheting right away!

On the drawing board                                                           We made ten different hares so you can choose which hare to crochet

We digitalised the pattern into a chart 

and then we made the blanket in full and started on edges.

Harens saganatt coming soon!

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