Monday, 5 September 2016

Multe the Filet Crochet Bunny free pattern

idea and pattern by Vilje and tweaking and supervising by *Kio

Here at Gacha in Stitches we have been busy this summer and even though summer is over and autumn is upon us, we are almost finished with another pattern we wanted you to have a little freebie. Our next pattern is a crochet baby blanket with bunnies, and we wanted to give you one of the bunnies for free so that you can make something while you wait for the actual pattern.
We have made the bunny into a potholder.

Introducing Multe of Harens Saganatt.

Crocheted back and forth in filet crochet.

Chain 50+3 to start crocheting Multe. 
1. Then you start on the edge, that is the black part, the three chains counts as your first dc, then dc into all the remaining chain stitches. This should give you 50 dc stitches.
2. Chain three, turn, and dc into the next two stitches, *chain one and skip one stitch dc into the next*. Repeat ** until there are two stitches left, dc into each stitch.
3. Repeat round 2.
4. Now we are starting the bunny, look at the diagram of the bunny on the right, we are starting with the back legs, 
Chain three and turn, dc into the next two stitches, *chain, skip one and dc into next stitch*, *to* four times, chain (this is the square before Multe's hind leg, since there are five squares there will be five chains but only four dc's). Then make 13 dc's. Chain one and dc two times and chain one again. Dc nine times (this is the front legs). Chain and dc four times, chain and dc into the last three stitches again. (This is the black spaces that is the edge of the bunny.) Turn.
5.Now we will look at the diagram on the left side again. Just follow the diagram of Multe, remember to alternate between the left and the right bunny depending on which row you are at.

Now you could use this pattern to make many different things, we have made it into a potholder, but you can make a bunny blanket for babies or a table cloth or put it in a frame and hang it on the wall.
Do tell us if you make one into something fun! Share it on Instagram if you'd like! #GachaStitches

For the potholder we need a solid backside so that we do not burn our hands when using it because that would kind of defeat the purpose of a potholder. I chained 46 (But you might need another number of stitches depending on your gauge, remember it needs to be as big as the front and divisible by three) I then made hdc-stitches back and forth until it was as long as the front. When I had done that I made sc into each stitch at the top and made 45 stitches down the side and at the bottom and the last side. 
Edge: I made three chains and two dc into the same stitch, *I then skipped two stitches and sc into the third, into the same stitch I made three dc*, continue with ** until the end of the row. This row should be divisible by three, so I made 15 repeats on each side. Slip stitch into first chain of the round, here I added the handle, I made my handle with seven chains at one corner and turned and made sc into each stitch I then cut and fastened the thread and you are done with the back. *Kio made shell stitches on her potholder so that is also an option. I chose to sew my back into the front part, but you could crochet them together if you choose to, and then I was done. *Kio sc her sides together before adding her border. There are many ways to make a potholder, choose whichever you like the most.

I have used one of the other bunnies in the next pattern here, but Multe is in yellow so you can see how she looks. Multe is Norwegian and is a yellow orange berry called cloudberry in English.

Don't forget our competition, maybe it is you who wins a lovely set of wrist warmers and a free pattern.

I love summer, but autumn is my real favourite season, with the colder clear days and drinking tea inside with my crochet listening to the rain outside might just be my favourite thing about autumn.
 - Vilje and her two bunnies